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About Us

Our company

We are an Italian company with over 20 years of experience in the food and packaging design sector, which aims to valoriz-
promote the Italian gastronomic heritage, selecting and distributing excellent artisan products in an exclusive and Luxury guise.

da sx:

Lorenzo Pinna; logistics and packaging, contracts.
Pasquale Pinna; packaging and labelling,
Gian Marco Pinna; style

Our vision

Continuous and constant research into flavors and colors to ensure that our luxury box is increasingly exclusive and that it can amaze those who receive it as a gift. It is essential that the products internally come from small artisan companies that maintain traditional production processes linked to their territory.

Our Mission

We form a joint venture with small companies and agricultural producers who embrace the organic philosophy,
and of those who work and produce raw materials and finished products with craftsmanship and sustainability.
Our commitment is to promote the sale of boxes for corporate gifts, for events, for anniversaries, or for
gifts in hotels, with targeted marketing actions.

We offer our excellent food products in elegant gift boxes, which we consider a real jewel for lovers of luxury food.


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